You know, people have taken advantage of me many times in this short life of mine.

Some took advantage of me in university by asking me to find out if there was any classroom empty there in the department so they can relax and chill out there which they could have figured out themselves.

Some took advantage of me using my phone to make calls and messages to their friends and family.

Some took advantage of me using my money to buy themselves chaye, biryani, stationery, or printing the assignments and never bothered to pay back the money.

Some took advantage of me using my time to talk with me for hours about their problems and lives.

I am using the word advantage because now not a single one of them is in contact with me, not a single one has asked me if I am alive or dead. All of them have used me to get their work done and then have left me. Pathetic.

And, I have gained nothing in return.

Only my time, money, and energy has got wasted.

I am the most duffer, dunce, and idiotic person that I know of on this planet earth who does not know how to deal with people, and how to see through people’s intentions and dissimulations. Ugh, I hate my dumb self.

What are the people like that?

Why is the world like this?

Filled with garbage from A to Z.

-Taimia Hussain

I write sometimes. I have published 51 stories as of now, here on Medium all written by myself!